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Hua - July Now Open!

Hua - July Now Open!

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HUA means to be abundant, to flourish and blossom in Te Reo Maaori the Maaori language, and Indigenous language of Aotearoa New Zealand.

HUA is a unique 6-month group coaching program exclusively with Rachel Petero, Founder Rise Global and IWI Indigenous Women in Industry. 

Invest in your transformation, your abundance, your resourcefulness with other Indigenous leaders, CEO's and Business Owners.

With only 8 places in each group, make a decision today to embark on this transformational journey towards Hua, agility and healing. 

Your exclusive HUA journey kicks off on July 26, 2024, uniting Indigenous leaders, CEOs and Business Owners in a liberating 6-month program designed for your success. 

All parts of you will be masterfully coached by Rachel, who has over two decades of coaching experience with Business Owners and CEO's, this program is tailored to Indigenous leaders like you, offering the flexibility of online participation from anywhere worldwide, which includes both group coaching +++ 🔥BONUS value 1-2-1 coaching for 3 months🔥!

By investing in yourself, you're choosing to develop the leader within:

  1. Resilience and Agility:

    • Be Accountable: Leaders will learn to cultivate resilience through celebration, gratitude, and a focus on abundance. This competency is essential for adapting to change, overcoming setbacks, and maintaining a positive outlook in challenging situations.
  2. Empowerment and Inclusive Leadership:

    • Be Indigenous: Embracing and celebrating indigenous heritage, leaders will strengthen their ability to lead inclusively and empower others. This competency promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion within their organisations, businesses communities.

  3. Cultural Intelligence and Authenticity:

    • Embrace Your Uniqueness: Leaders will develop a deep understanding of their cultural identity and learn to leverage your unique heritage and experiences. This competency fosters authenticity and innate natural talent, enabling leaders to navigate diverse environments effectively.

  4. Narrative Shaping and Influence:

    • Shift Your Narrative: Leaders will develop the ability to shape and control their narratives, creating momentum and influence. This competency is crucial for inspiring and motivating others, driving change, and effectively communicating vision and goals.

  5. Self-Actualisation and Emotional Mastery:

    • Take Full Ownership: By transforming personal narratives, leaders gain heightened self-awareness and emotional intelligence. This competency helps leaders master their emotions, understand others' perspectives, and build strong, empathetic relationships.

  6. Strategic Thinking and Problem-Solving:

    • Overcome Imposter Syndrome: By tapping into the flow state and achieving breakthroughs, leaders enhance their strategic thinking and problem-solving abilities. This competency enables leaders to address complex challenges with innovative solutions and strategic foresight.

You'll also learn how to:

🌟 Shift from Knowing to Believing
🌟 Prioritise Yourself and Your Business
🌟 Build Enduring Relationships 
🌟 Surrender to Your Abundance
🌟 Learn, Earn and Be in Action 

Group coaching dates / times 8am - 10am NZST:

🌟 26 July
🌟 16 August
🌟 23 August
🌟 30 August
🌟 20 Sept
🌟 27 Sept

      🔥Bonus package for each participant (valued at $6,750 + GST)🔥

      🔥6 x 1.5 hours of 1-2-1 with Rachel
      🔥Laser coaching linked to HUA learnings
      🔥Coaching must be booked in advance
      🔥Complete between July - Sept 2024

      Sign up for the next Hua programme starting in July.

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