10 Instant benefits

Our mission is to help 100,000 Indigenous women rise! We want to help as many
women as possible dream big and do well. Whatever that is for you! Tahi is how we can help you.

Sign up to Tahi, here are 10 instant benefits:


  1.   Clarity - A 6-month, 6-step process to identify what success is for you, your family, and communities you partner with.
  2.   Competency - Develop your leadership skills through 8 core coaching competencies, taught from an Indigenous worldview.
  3.   Confidence – Master the art of overcoming mindset challenges, fears, limiting beliefs, and self-confidence barriers.
  4.   Community - Connect with a supportive network of like-minded coaches, leaders, and entrepreneurs on our private group page.
  5.   Courage – learn to take your space, create space, and hold space for others in a powerful and respectful way.
  6.   Celebrate - Receive a completion certificate at stage 5 and
    stage 6 of the ICF credential process.
  7.   Resources - Access all TAHI resources, journals, e-learning modules, zoom recordings, and downloadable files from Day 1.
  8.   Knowledge – Download tried and tested coaching tools from past, present and future models of coaching.
  9.   Mastery - Learn coaching structures, models, and tools from our experienced coaches, including Rachel and TAHI graduates.
  10. Fun – Enjoy being part of a collective who do the work and believe in having fun along the way.