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About the Book

Never has there been a better time in history for women to come together as we learn to live, work and respond in our new world order. Take Your Space is an essential resource drawn from 16 diverse and successful women who want to help you to take one step forward; a step towards success. Eight chapters, two authors, one purpose. To get you to take that one step forward.

Helen Clark describes the book as 'A how-to guide for women wanting to get ahead in any walk of life, drawing on the experiences of those who’ve done the hard yards'. Take your pick of the real life how-to's from those who have succeeded in their many and varied careers. 

Support our Charities

When you purchase our book your money will go to our two New Zealand charities.
The Aunties Jackie Clark is the Aunty In Charge. They work with people who are living or who have lived in Domestic Violence.
Otara Bluelight a voluntary committee working with Māori and Pacific Island young women based in Otara, 14 - 17 years old, providing kaupapa Māori learning experiences to strengthen self-belief, self-confidence and self-determination.


Rachel Petero  - Rachel is an entrepreneur by heart, HR by profession and Waikato-Tainui and Māori by whakapapa (genealogy). She is the Founder and CEO Rise2025 Global for 100,000 Indigenous leaders; Co-Chair Te Ohu Whai Ao Trust; Board Trustee, Ngāti Tamaoho Trust; Board Director Unicef Aotearoa NZ, Board Director Pacific Cooperation Foundation.

Jo Cribb – Jo formerly lead the Ministry for Women, and Read NZ. She is a management consultant, author, mentor and Institute of Director facilitator.

 They researched widely and recorded interviews with a diverse array of 16 successful women from different cultures, industries, and experiences. This wisdom is presented in 8 how-to topics identified as key areas to support women to achieve their potential. As you read this pragmatic and purposeful book, think of them as your cheerleaders. Imagine having a cuppa and sharing stories to support you and women across the world to Take Your Space